Polar Bear Pal!

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Reduce your carbon “paw print” and become a Polar Bear Pal

Turn off your engine while waiting in your car for 30 seconds or more (except in traffic). This is better for your engine and better for the planet!

Here are two things that you can do to idle less the easy way:

  • Park your vehicle and go inside rather than waiting in the drive-through line at restaurants and banks.

  • Turn off your engine while waiting in loading/pick-up zones, such as when you are picking up your kids from school.

  • Download the Idling Myths & Facts pocket card.

Why should we stop idling?

Carbon dioxide is emitted by vehicles and other machinery as fuel is burned. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, every gallon of gas you use produces about 19 pounds of carbon dioxide.

When there is too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it acts like a blanket, trapping the sun’s heat. This extra heat can change a habitat so much that some of the plants and animals that depend on that habitat can no longer survive there.

It’s not just polar bears that are affected by these changes in seasonal temperature. In the Pacific Northwest, salmon, orcas, wolverines, western pond turtles, Oregon silverspot butterflies, Oregon spotted frogs and burrowing owls are also at risk.